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More information about the artist

The art by Sergey Kondrashov at once attracts with its integrity, with the basic creativity parameters obtained - from themes up to an art embodiment. Works of the artist are reflection of his soul and ideas.

Sergey was born on the 27 of November 1957, in a hereditary Cossack family at the Verhnie Duby hamlet, Rostov-on-Don region, Russia. Since 1957 untill 1981 had been studying in the Voroshilovgrad Art College, in 1983 had entered the Leningrad institute of painting, sculpture and architecture after Repin at the painting department.

He was taught by such experts as Е. Moiseenko, P. Belousov, P. Fomin. In 1989 the student defended his diploma picture «the Don river of the year 1918». In the same year Sergey moves from Saint-Petersburg to Lugansk, and in 3 years becomes the member of Union of the artists of Ukraine. The so fast recognition of the young artist was natural. Sergey Kondrashov very fast gets a creative credo, artistic individuality, when student, he participates in the All-Union and foreign exhibitions (at Greece, New York).

Sergey`s professional skill allows him to feel freely in any genre, however the basis of his creativity is an easel painting. It is in it where his creative thinking of an artist and aptitude towards the surrounding come to light more vividly in its originality.

S. Kondrashov perceives the world as a uniform harmonious unit, each fragment of which is full of deep sense. And, stopping an accidentally snatched from the reality-flow fragment on a cloth, the artist strives to investigate an internal logic of the phenomena, their deep interrelation. He possesses a gift by only art means, in the forms and paints of life, to transfer an imperceptible mystery of life. Sergey frequently addresses to the motive found, persistently achieving an extreme expressiveness of thought and mood. Making a great play with a female body by a window, the artist creates emotionally different works penetrated by sensation of a mysterious connection between the two worlds - of the man and nature. "Morning", "Evening", "By the window", "Full moon", "When raining".

The window here is one of the important semantic majorants, at one time it acts as a fragile barrier between the worlds, at another as an illusive environment where the worlds` sacrament interosculation happens.

The theme of the man and his natural environment interrelationships is continued by the artist in a cycle of pictures "Naked", "Night", "Dream" etc.

The comparison in them of a static female body and activity of things around it transforms these compositions into peculiar reflections on life as it is, about conventional division of it into "alive" and "dead".

Ideas caused by Sergey Kondrashov`s works are consequences of his talent of intuitive penetration into things` gist, phenomenon forcing Sergey to search and to find for each theme an individual spectrum of expressive means. The laconic brevity of the works named, avaricious expressiveness of the details so accurately sorted out, generalized plastic of the forms give to them the generalized significance, forcing in a simple plot to see a philosophical sense. The works devoted to family, close people are solved in a completely different way. At cloths "My relatives", "Girl with dandelion", "Grandma Njura", "Requiem", "I remember everything" they are a detailed story about the beloved, careful research of characters and destinies, meditation about sense of human life.

The same line can be traced in lively expressive portraits of the Cossacks-compatriots "Cossack Shepilov", "An old Cossack", "The sculptor Mozhaev", "Ponomarev" etc.

The serious attitude to life, the aspiration to comprehend social processes, purpose of human existence have determined Sergey`s interest to a history. In his own understanding of the historical process the artist is bright and original. "The times of distemper", "The yoke", "Andrey Rublev", "The melancholy tide" – the history is drawn in them as a struggle of light and darkness in human souls. The light origin is a high spirituality which cressets were the Russian sacred-people, poets and artists. The light from the candle in Andrey Rublev`s hands diffuse darkness, the sad light faces of the sacreds accompany the one in his dark times, give a hope for a better life.

It is not by accident that in "The yoke" the faces can be seen through the wings of bats symbolizing desolation of the human soul which has forgotten a road to a temple. The picture "Revival" seems to be an embodiment of hope for a human soul to revive and return to its religious roots.

Art by Kondrashov is as well the search of eternal sources of beauty and harmony of the world. It was for it that has caused the artist to travel into the depth of centuries, to a heritage of Ancient Egypt. Enchanted by images, plastics, rhythm of the Egyptian monuments one looks at "The Blue Nile dance", "The creator". Sergey studies from the ancient masters, what aspires him personally – to open the sense and contents of a human life, the laws of an everlasting beauty of the world with the minimum of means.